Friday Night Fish Fry


The Friday Night Fish Fry is coming back!!! Starting Friday November 13th and continuing EVERY Friday Night!!

Haddock Plate 17.00

Scallop Plate 22.00

Shrimp Plate 21.00

Combo Plate (Pick 2 from above) 23.00

Seafood Trio (All 3 from above) 25.00

Chicken Tender Plate 12.00

All plates come with our House Fries and Cole Slaw. Fish plates will also include Tartar Sauce, Cocktail Sauce, and Lemon.

RESERVATIONS ARE A MUST! Here's how to make one.

#1 Call (978) 342-1111 

Leave your order on the Voicemail if we are closed, 

or with one of our staff members if we are open.

Be ready with the following information.



Call Back Number

Time you would like to Pick up.

#2 Send us a Message via Facebook..

Please include the following info:



Call Back Number

Time you would like to Pick up.

We will be CURBSIDE PICKUP ONLY, and CASH ONLY once again in order to avoid credit card fees and service charges.

We strive to execute a clean transaction. Pull up and we will send a server out to your car to do the monetary transaction, shortly thereafter a separate server will deliver to your car your order wrapped up and ready to go, and you will drive away with the Best Fish and Chicken around!

CALL or MESSAGE EARLY, Monday thru Thursday prior to the Friday you would like to order. We tend to SELL OUT every week! We want EVERYONE who wants a meal to get one. Please try to let us know by Thursday at 3PM. This will GUARANTEE that you will get your delicious Seafood and/or Chicken, and allow Chef to order what is needed for Friday morning delivery into our kitchen.

We will take orders after that but CANNOT guarantee that we will have enough for everyone who calls after Thursday at 3PM.

Good Health and Safety to All...from all of us at WK!!